The Craftsman Stool



Delicate and soft lines, prominent and truncated joints, and a Danish rope for the seat. These are just some of the elements that beautify this stool

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I have been designing this stool for over a decade. The inspiration for this stool comes from the Scandinavian world of carpentry which today is reflected in almost all the furniture I build. Through the shape of the legs and bindings you can feel my fingerprint as a carpenter. This stool is connected by a large number of different wooden joints, which makes it very stable and durable, however, it was important to me that it still be delicate in its design. The Danish rope used for the seat is a very traditional and unusually comfortable material, and is currently used in the workshop for almost all the chair seats we build. I invite you to bring this stool into your living space and enjoy its elegance which will enrich your home.



Ash, Danish cord, Finish: Osmo wax oil


32X32X42 CM, 12.6X12.6X16.5 Inch