Autumn Wall Lamp

Red Oak


Autumn Wall Lamp is an atmosphere lamp whose fine details and rich fibers bring a delicate, warm ambience to any space

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I designed Autumn Wall Lamp out of meticulousness and a desire to preserve the aesthetics of the fibres. The design is inspired by Scandinavian & Japanese sources, design elements that accompany all the details of my workshop line. The lamp was created mostly by working with manual tools and a finish was created by cutting tools. The lamp is built with a combination of wood which sanctifies the beauty of fibres and highlights the contrast of the colours. The body of the lamp is made of Sapele wood, the Komiku is made of White Oak, attached to strawberry paper. The piece is finished with wax oil. This lamp will bring an atmosphere of soft and pleasant lighting to any space on which it will be hung



Red Oak, Sapele, Finish: Osmo Wax Oil´┐╝


21X40X6 CM, 8.26X15.7X2.3 Inch