Asa no Ha Lamp

Sapele wood


The Asa no ha Lamp is inspired by the work of my students. When it is part of the furniture of the room, it stands out and makes the rest of the furniture very unique. I wanted to deliver this feeling in my Lamps line so you can enjoy it in your home

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Asa no ha Lamp was created out of the desire to bring into the atmospheric space lighting that will fill it with a gentle and inspiring light. This lamp contains elements that appear in the world of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Each lamp was made by hand and a manual finishing of cutting tools. The meticulous design combination contains a wealth of fibres and textures. The body of the lamp is made of Sapele wood, and the Kumiko is made of White Oak on which strawberry paper is glued. The lamp is finished with wax oil. The attention to detail in the construction of the lamp is what makes it a jewel that will beautify the space in which it is located



Sapele, Red Oak, Mulberry paper, Finish Osmo wax oil


27X27X6 CM, 10.6X10.6X2.4 Inch


2,150 gr